2011. szeptember 27., kedd


He wanted to plant a tree at the birth of his first child, and this was 1985 Othmar Auer´s first contact to bonsai.

Learning bonsai for some years as an autodidact he started getting trained by master Hideo Suzuki at the Scuola d’Arte Bonsai. 1995 he made his first travel to Japan to learn bonsai from the master himselve directly. Stayed for several times there in the next years.

Due to his works in Japan he was invited to be the first non-Japanese member of the Japan Bonsai Artist Association (NBSK). Initiating the European Office (NBSKE) he was it´s president for 10 years. 1997 he had two demonstrations at the World Bonsai Congress in Seoul, South Korea.

Othmar Auer is responsible for planing and execution of several international inhibitions, such as the Sakka Ten as well as the World Bonsai Congres Inhibition in Munich, Germany.


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