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BADIA REGION Sparsely populated and yet accounting for well over two-thirds of the landmass of Jordan, Air Jordan Shoes,the Badia region, known locally as Al-Badia, is a vast area of desert that lies to the cast. Syria borders it to the north, while Iraq runs along its eastern boundary and Saudi Arabia lies to the south.

The Badia region has distinct geographical territories and is formed by five deserts. The Eastern Desert, where unusual volcanic rock formations rise alarmingly from the sandy floor, and the Rweishid Desert, which comprises a series of limestone plateaus irrigated by wadis and covered in vegetation, are to the north. Further south is the vast expanse of the Central Desert, where gentler sand dunes are crossed by wadis and provide a tempting terrain for 4x4 or camel excursions; the Al-Mudawwara Desert, which is rockier; and perhaps the most famous of all, the Rum Desert, location of the Wadi Rum protected area. Ihe Rum Desert s landscape of massive mountains in shades of burnt orange and endless sand dunes, plus its serene atmosphere, has been described as moon-like. Cheap Jordans,It is an extraordinary desert where many Bedouins still live a nomadic life under goat-hair tents (albeit these days with a concrete house nearby and jeeps outside replacing camels or donkeys as transport), where rare plants still thrive and where camel caravans can be seen in the distance on their way to a spring.

the Jordan Rift Valleys lush and temperate environment is in marked contrast to the Badia desert territories. Between 6500bc and 5500bc there was, according to scientific analysis, a significant change in weather patterns across the region that is now the Middle East, which had a marked impact on the communities that lived here and the natural habitats where many species of wildlife and birdlife had long thrived. One of the most monumental changes was that the deserts of the region became hotter and drier. In Jordan, the whole of the desert region, known today as Badia, authentic jordans,was affected. This new environment began to see a change in wildlife species to those more adept at desert habitats, while the Neolithic human communities that had begun to develop here started to seek alternative places to live. 'Ihe harsher temperatures and lack of water meant it was difficult to cultivate crops and keep livestock. The communities moved towards the western boundaries of the country.

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