2010. február 5., péntek


13th International Bonsai, Suiseki and Tea Exhibition

2010, April 22-25
Main Pavilion C of Exhibition Area Agrokomplex
Nitra, Slovakia

Dear Hungarian Friends,

We are sending many greetings to you from Slovakia. We organize International Bonsai, Suiseki and Tea Exhibition BONSAI SLOVAKIA 2010 in Nitra, the city in the Slovak Republic. This event has 13-years tradition and it is the biggest bonsai, suiseki and tea exhibition in East Europe (about 40 000 visitors every year). At the BONSAI SLOVAKIA, there use to be exposed about 300 bonsai, 100 suiseki, tea expositions... The international bonsai and tea show with music and dance performances is held non-stop in the heart of the exhibition pavilion.
The entrance to all this international show is free for all people.
We would like to invite you and your friends to BONSAI SLOVAKIA 2010. We will be happy if you can exhibit a part of your bonsai collection here and if you could show here your bonsai art by bonsai demonstration in programme of Bonsai Show.

This exhibition is uncommercional - entrance to the exhibition and to all demos and lectures are for all people free of charge.
We can provide good meals for you and we invite you to Galaevening. But unfortunatelly, we are not able to give to you the fee and we are not able to pay travel fees. Sorry. But if you come it will be great! Let us know, please.

Let us know please, if you would like participate at BONSAI SLOVAKIA 2010 as soon as possible, please.

We have here Good Time, Good Tea and Good Slivovica. We will be very happy if it is possible to meet you in Nitra.
More pictures from Bonsai Slovakia Exhibitions you can see at http://www.bonsai-slovakia.sk/.

Vladimir and Alena Ondejcik
Bonsai centrum Nitra
Tea House of Good People
Nitra, Slovakia