2011. október 1., szombat


His first contact to bonsai Christian Przybylski had 1997 when he bought books about bonsai and an imported tree.

In the following two years he joined the bonsai working group called „Grand Cru" in Duesseldof and in the „Bonsai-Club Deutschland e.V.“

1999 he was the winner of the "New Talent Competition" organized by the German Bonsai Club every year. 2000 he represented Germany on the „European New Talent Competition“ (ENTC) in Arco (Italy).

2001 he started his bonsai education at the "Scuola d'Arte Bonsai", which was run by master Hideo Suzuki (Japan); and 2008 he ended up as a bonsai teacher.

Meanwhile his designed trees won many awards at the German national exhibitions as well as at the "Bonsai Days" in Essen, Germany.

You could see numerous of his trees at important European exhibitions.


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