2011. október 1., szombat


In 1987 I bought my first bonsai at a Christmas market. At this time my full time job was a mountain guide and my interest was always been the struggle to survive of old trees in the mountains.

After reading the books from Pius Notter and John Naka my enthusiasm was sparked for Yamadori.
There were also imports, young plants and nursery stock.

In the fall of 1990 I gave up my mountain guide job and I became a teacher job. My bonsai collection grew quickly and now I have 150 Bonsai and Prebonsai in my garden. In addition there are a lot of plants, which often take even more care than the bonsai themselves.

Since 1997 I visited the Scuola d´Arte Bonsai with Master H. Suzuki.

This time much shaped my approach to bonsai, and since 2002 I support as a member of the Nippon Bonsai Kyokai Sakra Europe, the traditional Japanese values ​​of the bonsai art.

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