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 Shohin bonsai felsőfokon! Idén ismét megrendezésre került a Gafu-ten kiállítás mely kizárólag a kis méretű bonsaiok kiállítása.
Thomas S. Elias pár szóban bemutatja milyen is ez a kiemelkedő shohinbonsai kiállítás.

By Thomas S. Elias

 Gafu-ten, Elegant Style Exhibit - Early January, in Kyoto

If little gems appeal to you, then this exhibit is a must. This early January show is the largest shohin-size bonsai held in Japan and probably the world. Shohin are miniature bonsai up to 20 cm high. Included here are the tiny mame-sized bonsai that can be no more than 7 cm high. Each year, about 200 trees are included in this four-day exhibit. It is held in the ancient capital of Kyoto at the Miyako Messe.

The All Japan Shohin Bonsai Association organizes the Gafu-ten. The Nippon Bonsai Association and the Nippon Shohin Bonsai Association based in Tokyo support this exhibit. The first Gafu-ten exhibition was held 27 years ago in 1975. A photo album of each year's exhibit is published. An extensive sales area equal in size to the exhibit space provides an opportunity for people to purchase shohin plants and accompanying equipment, supplies and materials. An amazing and beautiful array of comparable sized pots, stands, and figures are available for sale.

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