2011. október 1., szombat


Born in 1944, Walter Pall is one of the most famous bonsai artist who has appeared on most international stages. His lectures are always worth seeing.

Walters set to demos is that they should first show a very high quality bonsai work, but also must be exciting, as shown by its professional events.

In recent years he has distinguished himself as a facilitator for international bonsai exhibitions.

A particular specialty is tree meetings that he has introduced the first in Europe. Identifying potential call seminars where Walter received intensive one weak point in the bonsai education.

Walter was one of the first Europeans who have worked seriously with native species. Walters Bonsai are generally expressive, and fall on a natural design.

He has written over 100 articles for almost all Western Bonsai Magazine. Walter is also an excellent photographer and gives himself all the pictures for his articles. He is a very active member of the Bonsai events on the web.

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